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Richmond Marathon (3:45 pacer)

I want to start this report off with a little honesty: The idea of attempting a fast marathon still scares me after my experience at Shamrock in the spring of 2012. I had big goals and really put myself out … Continue reading

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[176] Marathon mysteries

It’s been more than three weeks since I ran the Shamrock Marathon, and I wanted to revisit the experience one last time before moving on for good (although running another race two weeks afterward was a good way to start the process). … Continue reading

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[168] Shamrock Marathon – lessons learned

So, what happened during Sunday’s race? How do I explain the 13-minute difference between my goal time and the actual result? I think the answer may be far more complicated than just pointing at a particular aspect of my training or preparation that fell … Continue reading

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[167] Shamrock Marathon race report

“It is the journey that matters, in the end.”  – Ursula K. LeGuin And, in the end, this has been a spectacular journey for me, even though the destination ended up being a lesson in suffering and humility. What started last … Continue reading

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[161] Taper strategy

Ah, taper time. The hard work is done and now it’s time to chill for three weeks until race day. Right? Actually, it appears that a properly executed taper can be nearly as important as the  training that comes before it. I think … Continue reading

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[152] The curse of the GPS watch

Well, this hasn’t quite worked out like I had planned. Last Wednesday I received my new GPS watch – I decided on the Timex Global Trainer due to mostly positive reviews and a price that fit my budget. So far … Continue reading

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[151] Hills

It’s no secret that training on hills provides lots of great benefits for runners. (Here’s an article that tells us why, and shares some hill-running tips.) In short, it makes us stronger, makes our muscles more elastic, and makes us feel … Continue reading

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