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[180] The Maryland Challenge

The Maryland Challenge: Covering every foot of the Appalachian Trail through the state of Maryland – 41 miles from Pen-Mar, Pennsylvania, to Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia – in a single day. For years the Maryland Challenge held a place of reverence for … Continue reading

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[176] Marathon mysteries

It’s been more than three weeks since I ran the Shamrock Marathon, and I wanted to revisit the experience one last time before moving on for good (although running another race two weeks afterward was a good way to start the process). … Continue reading

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[163] Miles in the bank

The hay is in the barn. The money’s in the bank. Whichever hackneyed phrase you want to use, the point is the same – the work of this training cycle is done. Yesterday’s speed session marked the last “hard” workout of … Continue reading

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[162] February

February was another solid month of training for me – even though it was a day or two short of a regular month I still racked up my highest-ever monthly running mileage. It was only 1.9 miles more than January, but … Continue reading

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[160] Graduation day

I’ve made it! The completion of my 20-mile run on Saturday marked the end of the major training of this cycle, and now I’ve got three weeks of tapering before the big day on March 18. I’m looking forward to … Continue reading

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[158] Mileage markers

As much as I love keeping track of my running data, I’ve never let the mileage itself dictate my approach to training. For example, I’ve never started a year with the idea of running X number of miles in the following 12 … Continue reading

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[157] Sharpening focus

I’m about a month away from marathon day, and my training has gained a much sharper focus as I start preparing myself for the specifics of the race. Here’s a laundry list of how my runs and other training components have been … Continue reading

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