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[110] Off the grid, again

Swim: 0 m/104,745 m Bike: 0/1,072.2 miles Run: 6.4/361.6 miles Little did I realize when I was camping last week – purposefully and happily cut off from the electronic world – that I would be returning home to a hurricane that … Continue reading

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[109] Off the grid

I emerged from the woods at 8:30 in the morning, having already hiked almost 4 miles from the river valley where I camped the previous night to the top of a mountain, and was greeted with this view. I decided it was a good … Continue reading

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[108] Fitting it in

Swim: 3,000 m/104,745 m Bike: 0/1,072.2 miles Run: 17.8/355.2 miles We’ve been packing a lot of summer vacation into August, and because of that my triathlon training has been on the back burner. We did some traveling last week and I … Continue reading

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[107] Moving upward

Swim: 0 m/101,745 m Bike: 23.5/1,072.2 miles Run: 9.6/337.4 miles I’ll admit it – I’ve been cheating myself. I set an artificial goal that, I fear, clouded my better judgment and steered my focus away from the training that would have … Continue reading

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[106] A good run

Swim: 2,000 m/101,745 m Bike: 13.9/1,048.7 miles Run: 12.5/327.8 miles Sometimes things come together to produce a really great run, and that happened to me this weekend. My training plan called for 11 miles at a 7:50 pace, so I headed out … Continue reading

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[105] Olympic dreams

Swim: 3,000 m/99,745 m Bike: 0/1,034.8 miles Run: 6/315.3 miles As I settled comfortably into bed last night, some random thought lit a fuse in my brain and, before I could tamp it out, an uncontrollable wave of fear about my upcoming Olympic … Continue reading

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[104] 100-mile weekend

Swim: 0 m/96,745 m Bike: 101.1/1,034.8 miles Run: 0/309.3 miles My wife and daughter were out of town this weekend, and usually that means lots of exercise for me. With running out of the picture this week, that left lots of time … Continue reading

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