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[161] Taper strategy

Ah, taper time. The hard work is done and now it’s time to chill for three weeks until race day. Right? Actually, it appears that a properly executed taper can be nearly as important as the  training that comes before it. I think … Continue reading

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[160] Graduation day

I’ve made it! The completion of my 20-mile run on Saturday marked the end of the major training of this cycle, and now I’ve got three weeks of tapering before the big day on March 18. I’m looking forward to … Continue reading

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[159] A big week

It’s peak week here, depending on how you define it. I’ve heard the term refer to the week of peak mileage that comes directly before the three-week taper (which this is), or, alternately, the week before the race in which the … Continue reading

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[158] Mileage markers

As much as I love keeping track of my running data, I’ve never let the mileage itself dictate my approach to training. For example, I’ve never started a year with the idea of running X number of miles in the following 12 … Continue reading

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[157] Sharpening focus

I’m about a month away from marathon day, and my training has gained a much sharper focus as I start preparing myself for the specifics of the race. Here’s a laundry list of how my runs and other training components have been … Continue reading

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[156] This is the moment

Things are going well: I’m nailing every workout; I’ve been training full-tilt for almost 14 months and haven’t been injured; I’m adding mileage and intensity and I’m feeling great. This is exactly where I want my running to be. Often we … Continue reading

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[155] 11 things – it ends here

So I may be officially the last person on the Internet to be tagged in the “11 things” meme (thanks, Jenn!). I’ve never really participated in something like this but I figured it could be a fun exercise, at least … Continue reading

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