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[092] Longer, stronger

Swim: 4,525 m/88,245 m Bike: 32/728.1 miles Run: 9.3/213.8 miles It shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise to me that I started to run out of gas during the run in last weekend’s triathlon. I’ve mentioned some of the factors … Continue reading

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[091] Tavern Triathlon race report

Swim: 420 m/83,720 m Bike: 18.9/696.1 miles Run: 3.1/204.5 miles I raced my second triathlon this morning, and now I think I’m starting to understand the infatuation. This was really fun! For so many reasons, this was a very different experience … Continue reading

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[090] Tavern Triathlon race goals

Swim: 0 m/83,300 m Bike: 31.2/677.2 miles Run: 5.4/201.4 miles I have a race coming up this weekend and my goals are pretty basic – I want to finish, and I want to enjoy it. Other than that, there’s not too … Continue reading

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[089] Hills, a wreck and a dead body

Swim: 0 m/83,300 m Bike: 18.9/646 miles Run: 12.1/196 miles I have a triathlon coming up in about a week, and today was the day to get out on the course and see what I’m in for. The swim is open … Continue reading

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[088] Maybe it’s not so bad

Swim: 1,500 m/83,300 m Bike: 40.2/627.1 miles Run: 8.7/183.9 miles In my last post I admitted to feeling a little defeated about my training. My available hours – somewhat limited to begin with – are being constricted even further because of … Continue reading

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[087] Stalled

Swim: 0 m/81,800 m Bike: 0/586.9 miles Run: 3.2/175.2 miles It was bound to happen eventually. This past weekend, less than 12 miles in to a planned 45-mile ride, I got the first flat tire of the season. It was my first … Continue reading

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[086] Open water

Swim: 1,200 m/81,800 m Bike: 11.5/586.9 miles Run: 3.9/172 miles One of the most dire warnings you hear from triathletes is the panic that strikes the first time you experience an open-water swim. Maybe I got my panic out of the way in the … Continue reading

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