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[072] 30 days of biking

Swim: 0 m/70,500 m Bike: 38.9/457.6 miles Run: 5.5/117.6 miles Whew – I made it! A month after signing up for the challenge, I’ve ridden my bike every day in the month of April. From a handful of 1-mile “getting-it-in” days to a … Continue reading

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[071] The final stretch

Swim: 0 m/70,500 m Bike: 38.9/418.7 miles Run: 0/112.1 miles With two days left in my #30daysofbiking challenge, I have 35.4 miles left to reach my goal of 300 miles for the month. And, if all goes according to plan, I’ll … Continue reading

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[070] Test run

Swim: 4,500 m/70,500 m Bike: 45.6/379.8 miles Run: 3.1/112.1 miles On Friday I met my riding buddy John at the Shady Grove YMCA – the scene of next month’s sprint triathlon. While this will be my very first triathlon, John has … Continue reading

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[069] Finishing strong

The #30daysofbiking challenge ends seven days from today. So far I’ve racked up mileage that I never even considered as I contemplated the monthlong streak. In fact, my goal to hit 100 biking miles in April seems kind of quaint as … Continue reading

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[068] Am I a cyclist?

Swim: 2,000 m/66,000 m Bike: 36.3/334.2 miles Run: 8.3/109 miles I’ve been doing a lot of biking this month, and it seems that every mile that passes only illustrates how much I have to learn about the sport. I’ve always enjoyed … Continue reading

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[067] 15 days of biking

Swim: 2,000 m/66,000 m Bike: 27.4/297.9 miles Run: 0/100.7 miles My brother and I were on a backpacking trip a few years ago, and after a grueling first day of climbing several thousand feet over about 13 miles we crashed into … Continue reading

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[066] Caught on tape

Swim: 4,000 m/64,000 m Bike: 15.9/270.2 miles Run: 0/100.7 miles I ran into my dad at the gym yesterday, and he agreed to take some video of my swim session while he was there. He captured a few of my warm-up … Continue reading

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