[173] March

Just a quick note to wrap up a big month:

– Without a doubt, March’s highlight was running the Shamrock Marathon. Even though I fell a bit short of my time goal for the race, I still had an amazing experience and learned a lot about racing that distance and about myself. I also set a new marathon PR by 44 minutes.

– If it weren’t for the marathon, the unquestioned high point of the month would have been notching another big PR at the Monument Avenue 10k. I still can’t believe how much fun this race was and how good I felt all the way through.

– My mileage fell off a bit in March because of the marathon in the middle of the month. During the first half of the month I was tapering, and the second half was mostly recovery. Even so, I logged 112 running miles in March.

– I mentioned in this post that I wouldn’t be chasing a goal of 1,000 miles in 2012 because of some big life changes on the horizon. But I speculated I would easily cross the 1,000-mile barrier for the 12-month period that began July 1 of last year. It turns out that I hit the mark around Mile 19.6 of the marathon. Since then I’ve logged a few more miles and currently stand at 1,037.6 over the past nine months.

I’m looking forward to picking things back up a bit in April as I leap into a modified training plan geared toward running sub-40 at the Carytown 10k in early May. I’ve got five weeks to get my speed back – let’s go!

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4 Responses to [173] March

  1. that is a huge pr, congrats and good luck on your next ten.

  2. David H. says:

    Solid month, and first quarter of the calendar year. I remember a few years ago you mentioned something to me about counting my miles from birthday to birthday, or something similar instead of focusing on the 12 months at hand.

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