[158] Mileage markers

As much as I love keeping track of my running data, I’ve never let the mileage itself dictate my approach to training. For example, I’ve never started a year with the idea of running X number of miles in the following 12 months, or Y miles each month. My mileage is generally dictated by whatever race I might have on the horizon and whatever my weekly schedule allows. Consequently, I’ve never been close to a big milestone like 1,000 miles in a year (in 2011, probably my biggest year of training, I only covered 774 running miles). 

Even so, sometimes it’s fun to look at the big picture to see where I am in the whole scheme of things. As I logged in Saturday’s 18-mile run, I noticed that it put me over 300 running miles since January 1. For giggles I looked back to last year for comparison – and saw that I didn’t hit 300 miles until July 30. I guess training for a spring marathon will do that for you.

And, even though I’m off to a strong start this year, I don’t think I’ll hit that 1,000-mile mark for 2012 because I expect my mileage to drop off pretty sharply when our baby arrives in June. But recently I thought to myself – what if I forget about the calendar year and just looked at the 12-month period starting last July 1 and running through June 30? Suddenly a different picture emerges – I’ve already covered 861 miles in those 7.5 months, leaving 139 to go to hit 1,000. I’ll probably hit that number in March and then have three more months to add gravy miles to that total.

In the end, none of that really means anything. What matters is a) how I perform on March 18 and b) how much fun I have along the way. And I’ve enjoyed far more of those miles than I haven’t!

Bike: 19.1/278.6 miles
Run: 17.9/300.9 miles
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2 Responses to [158] Mileage markers

  1. David H. says:

    You definitely have a great approach when it comes to miles and not worrying about an overall goal for the year. When I set my 1,000-mile goal two years ago, I got obsessed with it; in hindsight I shouldn’t have done that. I ran when I should have completely shut it down. Last year when I got back on track and got through my marathon healthy, I set the 1,000-mile goal with health in mind and well after the fact when I was on pace to hit it. In these first few weeks of this year, I’ve only looked at my mileage a couple of times and am very surprised and happy to see I’ll hit 100 miles this month without having to think about it. I like quality over quantity, but I like it when quality comes with quantity.

    • traintotri says:

      “I like quality over quantity, but I like it when quality comes with quantity.” Well said. I remember your journey last year and you had it right – focus on the marathon training and do what you need to do to be in race shape. The miles just came naturally as you chased a meaningful goal.

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