[131] Two weeks

Swim: 0 m/112,725 m

Bike: 33/1,310.9 miles

Run: 3.5/602.7 miles

This year started as my Year of the Triathlon, and I worked hard to prepare myself for my goal race in September. Somewhere along the path to triathlon readiness I realized that my running was improving as well, so the fall half-marathon for which I was already registered emerged as another “A” race for me to focus on. When it became obvious in the spring that I had a good chance of setting a healthy PR at that distance, I did some research and started a half-marathon training plan in July, which lasted 18 weeks until the race last weekend.

In other words, I’ve been following fairly specific training plans – for triathlons and the half-marathon – for almost 11 months without a real break. After every race there was another on the horizon, so while I may have taken a recovery week here and there, I always had something else to focus on. Until now.

When I crossed the finish line of the Richmond Half-Marathon on Saturday morning, it marked the end of almost a year of constant training. My plan has been to take the two weeks after the race totally off from running, and a short recovery run on Monday helped confirm that plan. During those 3.5 miles my calves and left knee were not shy about letting me know that they weren’t quite ready to be running again. I don’t feel injured, just tight and tired. My muscles no longer have that taper-week feeling of bursting energy – I used it all up in Saturday’s race.

So for the past two days I’ve been making use of my bike trainer and have been feeling great. I’m still getting in some good workouts but not stressing my running-specific muscles. As much as I actually want to run right now, I know it’s best if I stick to my guns and keep the Kinvaras in the closet for a few more days. That way I’ll be more rested – both physically and mentally – when it’s time to run again.

And despite everything I said above about the end of my season, I actually have a race next week – and it’s a race where I want to set a PR. It’s the Turkey Trot 10k that I run every year on Thanksgiving, and I don’t consider it part of my training season because, well, I’m not training for it. I’m just going to be using my residual fitness from my half-marathon training to get me through. And since my running has improved so much since I set my 10k PR in April, I think I should be able to PR at this race, even though its elevation profile resembles an EKG line. It’s more of a fun goal – a PR would be the cherry on top of a fantastic season for me.

And what happens after my two weeks of self-imposed running exile? Well, there’s a certain running festival that will be 16 weeks away. . .

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2 Responses to [131] Two weeks

  1. steena says:

    After a big race that you’ve been looking forward to for months it’s hard (imo) to sit, wait and recover. i think 48 hours after my marathon I was Googling spring marathons.
    It’s like the training plans train us to keep going, going, going.
    Good luck in your 10k, I’m sure you’ll finish in an amazing time.

  2. David H. says:

    You don’t even know how excited I am that you’re considering Shamrock. I hope that if you do it that my buildup for it doesn’t disappoint. There are a lot of people on dailymile who do that race, so I’m hoping this next one will generate a big meet-up for that.

    And go kill that 10k PR!

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