[126] The trainer

Swim: 0 m/112,725 m

Bike: 10/1,257.9 miles

Run: 11/566.9 miles

As winter approaches, I’ve been wondering how I’m going to keep up my cross training. Recently I’ve been using the spin cycle at the gym for my cycling needs, but it’s just not the same as riding my own bike. For a long time I’ve wanted a trainer, not only so I can ride during bad weather but so I can get in rides when I can’t actually leave the house, such as during my 3-year-old’s naptime.

But trainers can be expensive, and there’s plenty of other stuff to spend money on these days, so, other than occasionally checking Craigslist for a cheap used model, I pretty much wrote off the idea of getting a trainer anytime soon.

One more thing to clutter the garage!

But recently a friend offered to let me use their trainer, which had just been taking up room in their house for a few years. Essentially it’s a “permanent loan” – I get to keep it and use it, but if they ever decide they want it back I will return it (and they assured me that it seems unlikely, at least in the near future).

So, now I have a bike trainer in my garage. And it’s great! I’m riding my very own bike and I can get in a workout when it’s convenient. And, thanks to portable internet devices, I can be endlessly entertained as I slog through the miles. I got in a quick 30-minute ride this weekend to test out the setup and so far it’s everything I imagined it would be.

When I add this to the treadmill that we already own, I can easily keep up with two-thirds of my triathlon training without leaving the house during the inhospitable months ahead. Now, if someone wants to spring for an indoor pool at my house, I’ll be all set!

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