[111] August

Wow, is August finally over? It’s been one of those months, training-wise, that’s better just filed away in the closet and never mentioned again. I say “training-wise” because August was actually a very fun month for me, but all of the activity was unrelated to triathlon training. I had almost three weeks off from work, and much of that time was spent doing vacation-y things with my wife and daughter. Not only did we do a little traveling, but we also filled our days with adventures closer to home.

However, the training numbers I accumulated look more like something from the off season, and certainly not the month that is supposed to be peak training for my Olympic triathlon that is now only three weeks away. But I reached a mental point where I couldn’t stress about it any more. I knew at the beginning of the year that the summer months would be the most difficult as far as fitting in training sessions, since my daughter is out of preschool. In fact, preschool starts up two weeks before my race – just in time for taper!

Again this month I only got in three swim sessions – two 3,000-meter efforts and one 2,000. I swam the 1,500 m faster than 30 minutes two out of three times, and the third time was at 30:10. I’m OK with where my swimming is at this point – I’m not terribly fast but I know I can get through it without killing myself.

I only rode my bike six times this month, and racked up most of my monthly miles in one weekend in which I covered more than 100 miles in three days, including a single 52-miler. My most recent ride was part of a race-effort simulation, where I rode about 24 miles at 19.7 mph and then immediately ran 3.4 miles at 7:08. As of today, however, it’s been over two weeks since I’ve been on my bike.

Running has proven to be the most portable form of exercise, so I mostly kept up with my half-marathon training plan. A few exceptions – at the beginning of the month I injured my ankle during a speed session on the treadmill and took the next week off. Later in the month I skipped two scheduled runs when I was on my backpacking trip and then digging out from Hurricane Irene. I’ve still had some strong runs – my times have been dropping steadily and I’ve even produced several multi-mile runs in the mid-6 range.

But now September’s here and things are changing. I’ll have a little more free time when preschool starts up, but like I mentioned above it will be time to taper for the triathlon. And then the tri season is over and I can focus my energy on killing my training for the half-marathon in November. That training plan includes cross-training, so I won’t be packing up the bike or the swim shorts for the winter even though my three-sport training will shift to one sport.

Here are this distances I covered in July:

Swim: 8,000m (5 miles)

Bike: 148.4 miles

Run: 58.3 miles

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