[110] Off the grid, again

Swim: 0 m/104,745 m

Bike: 0/1,072.2 miles

Run: 6.4/361.6 miles

My wife and daughter survey the debris on Sunday morning.

Little did I realize when I was camping last week – purposefully and happily cut off from the electronic world – that I would be returning home to a hurricane that would leave us without power for almost four days. Hurricane Irene swept through on Saturday, toppling trees and flinging branches like a petulant child, and leaving us in the dark until late Tuesday evening. Thankfully we escaped any major damage to our property (we’re still waiting on the chimney inspection to tell us how we fared after last Tuesday’s 5.8-magnitude earthquake 35 miles from our home), but cleaning up after such an event is no minor task. Only after we used the handsaw on a few 30-foot limbs and then raked almost the entire 1-acre yard over a two-day span did some enterprising guys in a truck drive by and offer to cart away the debris. They didn’t have to do much convincing.

Because we’ve been, well, preoccupied lately, I’ve only gotten in one triathlon-related workout in the past week – my regularly scheduled speed session on Monday afternoon. I did this one in the neighborhood rather than venture out to the gym or the track. My 6×800 sprints turned into 6×3:00, and I assume the 3-minute segments didn’t quite get me to 800 meters since I was often sprinting up hills or through intersections that required some attention to passing traffic – obstacles that I don’t have to worry about in a more confined environment. And there were the occasions when I had to go off-road to scale the fallen trees that still blocked the pavement altogether.

Now the power’s back on, the yard is cleaner than it was before the storm, and my lunch today was something other than fast food or peanut-butter sandwiches. I’m ready to shake off the funk of August and move on to some well-deserved fall training. How about you?

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2 Responses to [110] Off the grid, again

  1. Yick, I can’t relate with hurricane messes, but I agree, August was not the greatest month training wise for me either.
    Bring on an easier September, PLEASE.
    Your Oly has to be coming up quick, right?

  2. David H. says:

    Glad to hear you guys are OK and that you have power. My sister is visiting and said she never lost power — one of the few in Richmond — but many in her neighborhood still don’t have it.

    With cooler temps hopefully on the way, you’re going to tear it up in September!

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