[100] 100!

Swim: 0 m/93,745 m

Bike: 53.7/883.2 miles

Run: 16/287.8 miles

So it seems as if this is my 100th blog post! I guess that’s kind of exciting, although I never really questioned whether I would make it this far since my goal race is still a couple months away. I feel like I should do something special to mark my 100th post, but at this point of the season I’m just focused on keeping my head down and grinding out the workouts.

I could mention that, 100 posts ago in January, I didn’t have any idea how to swim and was riding an inexpensive road bike that ended up only lasting less than two months until I replaced it with my current steed. I could talk about how, even during my #30daysofbiking challenge in April, my big but far-off goal was to hit an average speed of 20 mph on an entire ride – a goal which I accomplished for the first time last week on a 20-mile outing. I could throw in a mention of the river I swam across in June – a feat I would have never imagined only months earlier as I struggled to learn the basics of the freestyle stroke.

Another point to bring up could be the fact that I covered 70 miles in the past four workouts, including a brutal 10-mile trail run in which I questioned my resolve and a speed session in which my pace fell into the 5s for the first time in my life (of course, it was on the treadmill so it doesn’t really count!). The 54 miles I rode in two sessions this weekend were about 30 more than I rode in all of January; the 16 running miles from this past Sunday and Monday are more than half of what I covered that entire first month.

So I’ve definitely come a long way in 100 posts. And all these milestones don’t even include the two triathlons that I raced successfully (plus the 10k PR and my first-ever 5k race). Despite my accomplishments, I can’t take my eyes off the prize(s) – the Olympic triathlon in September and the half-marathon in November. I have a lot more training – and improving – to do in these next few months, and who knows what the next 100 blog posts will bring!

Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to [100] 100!

  1. Very cool post, you’ve been so confident in biking and swimming that I honestly forgot when I first started reading your blog you were a noob! It’s been great to watch you improve in all areas of the tri.

  2. David H. says:

    Congrats on the first 100 posts! You’ve got a great blog going on and I hope that it continues well beyond your race. I remember starting my blog to document marathon training; 4 years later …

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