[084] May

May was a big month for me with the completion of my very first triathlon. It was an amazing experience, and it only took me a couple days to sign up for my next race, which is in less than four weeks.

Training-wise, I didn’t break too much ground in May. The first week of the month was spent on vacation, and then later in the month I had a 4- or 5-day taper before my May 22 race. After the race I had another bout of allergies/cold symptoms but still managed to get some training in.

Other than a tough swim during my race, my swimming this month has been pretty good, although I covered less distance than previous months. (May was my lowest-distance month in the pool so far this year.) The pool at my regular gym has been closed for over a month now, and I’ve been swimming once or twice a week at another location that’s a bit farther from my home. But the new pool is 25 yards, which is closer to a standard distance than my old pool, which must be about 20 yards. My 100-yard times dropped into the high 1:30’s by the end of the month, having been closer to 1:45 earlier.

My biking has been pretty solid. I didn’t reach anywhere close to the mileage from April, but that’s understandable since I wasn’t pushed to ride every day. I got in some strong rides and still rode more than 100 miles for the month, which is my standing goal for the rest of the season. I even topped a 20-mph average pace for the first time on a 12-mile time trial before my race this month.

I’ve been feeling great on my runs, despite the oppressive heat and humidity that came out of nowhere this month. So much for spring. My goal is to start increasing my mileage through the summer so I can be in a strong position when I meet up with the beginning of my 18-week half-marathon training plan, which starts in mid-July. Just this past weekend I got in a great confidence-boosting run of 7.5 miles, which ended with a half-mile at a 6:36 pace.

My biking goals for June are simple – get in more miles. As I said above, my standing goal from here on out is to reach at least 100 miles per month. That should be my minimum, and I will likely reach higher as I build closer to my goal race in September.  I’ve added cycling-specific weight work that should help improve my strength on the bike. I started last week and it will be pretty intense through June, so I may not see immediate results until I have time to fully recover after the six-week regimen is finished.

My swim goals are changing a bit moving forward. My first race featured a 300m pool swim, so my training was geared toward that distance. But my next race is 650 meters in open water, and my Olympic race is 1,500 meters. So my focus will be switching to much longer distances. Previously I was finishing all of my swim workouts with a timed 300m swim. Since the race I have made it a 700m swim, and that distance will continue to grow through the summer. I will also work several open-water sessions into my training.

In earlier posts I mentioned a written training plan for the season, and that is in really good shape. My training goals for the rest of the year are written out, and I will devise specific workouts at the beginning of each week so I can adjust them to meet my current needs and goals as the season progresses. Of course there’s always room for deviation, because life seldom goes according to plan, but at least having the framework spelled out will help keep me focused on where I need to be going.

Here are this distances I covered in May:

Swim: 10,100m (6.3 miles)

Bike: 109.9 miles

Run: 43.9 miles

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