[076] Swim stuff

Swim: 2,300 m/72,800 m

Bike: 0/488.4 miles

Run: 5/134.3 miles

It’s been almost three weeks, but I finally made it back to a pool yesterday. The pool at my gym has been closed for repairs – the sign says it will “hopefully” reopen in two weeks, but as the third week comes to a close I’m not very hopeful that I will swim there again before my very first triathlon. Which is, *gulp*, next week.

So I drove to another location in the same family of gyms and enjoyed the pool there. My session wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be – even though it’s been a while, I was swimming pretty well from the start. I could feel that the pool was a little longer than my regular pool but didn’t think much of it. I later found out that it’s a 25-yard pool, which is closer to 25 meters than my old pool. It was a nicer facility overall, and I would consider going there more often if it was a little closer to my home. (Although I’ll definitely be back this week to get in a few more swims before the race.)

I did my normal ladder workout and then did a 300-yard time trial (race distance is 300m) in about 5:25. At this point I didn’t know what the length of the pool was (it looked pretty small) and I was worried that I had lost a ton of swimming fitness in the last three weeks. Twelve lengths in my regular pool takes about 4:18. So I did it again and hit almost exactly the same time of about 5:25. This tells me that my regular pool must be really short – 20 yards?

Anyway, yesterday was our last day to adjust the predicted swim time for next week’s race, so I told myself I would take whatever time I swam that morning and make the appropriate adjustment. When I first signed up in January I entered 15 minutes, not knowing a) how to swim, or b) how long it might take a person to swim 300 meters. I later found out a friend PR’d the distance at 4:14, and another friend has been working mightily to reach the mid-4’s. And those guys are fast, so I was hoping for something in the 5’s.

After a couple months of dramatic swimming improvement I had changed my time to 5:15, but my times were based on my smaller pool. So yesterday I changed my prediction one last time to 5:21. I want to make sure I’m not that guy who signs up for a fast time in a selfish bid to move myself up in line with complete disregard to the honest people who were going to be piling up behind me. This time will force me to push hard but, I think, it’s feasible. I’m also counting on some race-day adrenaline!

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One Response to [076] Swim stuff

  1. steena says:

    Wow, 5 minutes, that’s fast! Your triathlon sounds more organized than mine, because I haven’t told anyone my swim time plans. Hmm. That’s scary.
    Well, next week already? GOOD LUCK!! Can’t wait to read about it!

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