[071] The final stretch

Swim: 0 m/70,500 m

Bike: 38.9/418.7 miles

Run: 0/112.1 miles

With two days left in my #30daysofbiking challenge, I have 35.4 miles left to reach my goal of 300 miles for the month. And, if all goes according to plan, I’ll hit that number (plus a few extra) by the time Saturday’s ride is over. I haven’t mentioned this before, but my goal is to cap off my 30-day riding streak on April 30 with a 30-mile ride. It will be my longest ride ever, but an apt way to wrap up an amazing month of cycling.

I’ll come back with a complete recap of the month after it’s all over, but so far it has been beyond anything I imagined when I started the streak 28 days ago. It’s been a fun journey, but not necessarily something I’ll do again soon!

In other news, my gym’s pool has been closed since Monday for improvements. The sign says that they hope to reopen in two weeks. At first I was pretty disappointed, but it allows me to focus on my big goal this week of logging more than 100 miles on my bike. And next week I’ll be on vacation anyway. So it happened at a good time.

The last time I hit the pool was Saturday, when I devoted the day to exercise since my wife and daughter were out of town. I started with a 20-mile ride and felt so good afterward that I decided to complete all the segments of a triathlon that morning, just out of order. So next up was a 5k that I completed on the treadmill at the gym in just over 22 minutes (I started at a relatively easy 7:30 pace for the first mile but I started to get bored so I pushed it up to a 7:00 pace for the last 2.1 miles). Then I headed to the pool for an easy but continuous 1,000-meter swim. I felt great but very tired at the end of all this, and very hungry. I had hardly eaten anything in almost two solid hours of exercise. Race-time nutrition is definitely an area where I need to improve.

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