[066] Caught on tape

Swim: 4,000 m/64,000 m

Bike: 15.9/270.2 miles

Run: 0/100.7 miles

I ran into my dad at the gym yesterday, and he agreed to take some video of my swim session while he was there. He captured a few of my warm-up laps so I could review them, like a football coach poring over game tape to find weaknesses.

I was surprised a little by what I saw. Apparently I kick pretty regularly, which I was not aware of. I’m not trying to kick or even thinking about kicking when I swim, but it seems to be happening anyway. I guess it’s OK, but I worry about using too much leg energy during the swim on race day – I’m going to need all the strength and stamina I can muster for the bike and run segments. If I’m going to kick, which apparently I am, then I need to work on my form a little. In today’s swim I worked in some kicking drills that I found online and in the Total Immersion book.

Otherwise I thought I looked OK. There are some hand/arm placement tweaks I can work on, as well as refining my body rotation while breathing, but overall I am pleased with what I saw (I can’t upload the video to WordPress without an upgrade, or I would definitely share it).

In any case, I’m swimming well enough to continue my improvement in the 300-meter distance (the length of the swim in my first triathlon in about five weeks). Yesterday I swam it in 4:26, which was 3 seconds faster than my previous best, and today I shaved another 5 seconds for a new PB of 4:21.

– The specs at the top of this post include the Monday (6.9 miles) and Tuesday (9 miles) installments of #30daysofbiking. I rode a lot of these in the aero position and for some reason felt a lot more confident there than before.

– I’m not sure how I overlooked this in my last post, but Sunday’s ride in the country put me over 100 miles for the month, with 20 days left to go.

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One Response to [066] Caught on tape

  1. steena says:

    How cool that you got to see it on tape! I’ve been curious about this for myself. You know, YOUTUBE is free 🙂
    Great speed increases too. Your training is really paying off!

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