[063] Notes

Swim: 4,000 m/58,000 m

Bike: 25.6/189.9 miles

Run: 0/96.9 miles

A few notes from the past three days: 

– #30daysofbiking is going well so far. I’ve gotten in almost 26 miles in the past three days, and the fastest – Monday’s 6.5-miler in the neighborhood – averaged over 17 mph. Not bad, considering the amount of stopping and starting that’s necessary in the neighborhood. While each day’s mileage has remained relatively small – 11.3 miles has been my longest ride this month – the point is to get on the bike every day, and I’ve been doing that.

– I got my bike tuned up last week in anticipation of #30daysofbiking. While I was at the shop I asked them to check out the aerobars, which I had only attempted to use on my very first ride. It had felt like they were misaligned, so I hadn’t touched them since, knowing that the bike would be in the shop for the tuneup anyway. The mechanic made some slight adjustments, and I have used the aerobars briefly on two rides this week. There is a vast improvement and I don’t veer left whenever I use them. It’s good to know that it wasn’t just me!

– I swam yesterday and today, and have had two very good workouts. I hadn’t been to the pool in almost a week, and I was excited to get back. On Monday I knocked another 10 seconds off my 300-meter time, for a new personal best of 4:31. Today another second was dropped for a new PB of 4:30. That would make 47 seconds shaved from my PB in the last two weeks. When I swim, I am not necessarily trying to beat my old times – in fact, today I felt like I wasn’t going to be close to matching it. But maybe swimming without the pressure to beat a certain time is actually a good thing – I can focus on my form and not how long it’s taking.

– I have been very pleased with my recovery from Saturday’s PR-setting 10k. I haven’t been sore, but I haven’t run since the race, and I might give it another couple days before I attempt any significant mileage. My legs have been feeling pretty tired, though – with #30daysofbiking forcing me to ride every day, I haven’t had a day to completely rest my legs in almost a week.

– I have to admit that I’m still riding pretty high on my completely unexpected success last weekend – running 10k at a 6:xx pace still just seems so foreign to me. That’s a time that a “serious” runner might produce, and even after six years of running I don’t consider myself a serious runner.  (Of course, I’m on the doorstep of 34 years old, a homeowner, professional, husband and father, and I still have trouble thinking of myself as an adult, so denial seems to be a common theme in my life.)

I realize that there are runners who could race a 10k much faster, and others who could give it everything and run it slower. I don’t compare myself with others in this regard, because I’m never going to win a race, I’m never going to be the best or even close to the best (almost 700 people finished faster than me this weekend). Running, therefore, is a constant competition with yourself, and this weekend I reached a level I would have never imagined when I ran Monument for the first time – six years ago, in 59 minutes. I’m proud and respectful of anyone who sets a PR, whether it’s a sub-40 10k or an 80-minute 10k, as long as they gave it everything.

Besides, I need to celebrate while I can, before this new world of triathlon puts me in my place!

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One Response to [063] Notes

  1. David H. says:

    Our age group in running — 30-34 — is the toughest as far as competition goes. Go do a small community race and I bet you’ll get first or second in your age group no problem, and probably top 10 overall.

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