[061] March

March has been a pretty big month for my training, with the major story of the past four weeks being my sudden ability to swim for much longer distances. I still can’t put a finger on a specific tweak that pushed me over the threshold, but I’ve enjoyed exponential progress in the subsequent weeks, from trimming almost a minute off my 300-meter time to a non-stop swim covering 1,900 meters, a distance of which I could hardly conceive in February.

March was my most prolific month yet of swimming, thanks to my newfound ability, but I again fell behind my goals for biking and running because of sickness. With the exception of two shorter runs this week, I didn’t ride or run in the last two weeks of the month after a monster brick workout that happened to take place on the morning of the day I became sick.

I covered some good distance on the bike in March, thanks in large part to two longer rides of 18 and 29 miles. But I felt like I should have hit at least 100 miles for the month, and would have probably done that had I not gotten sick. Hopefully that will change in April – I signed up for the #30daysofbiking challenge that will push me to ride every day. I should aim for at least 100 biking miles each month from here on out.

On a very positive note, the 29-mile bike ride and the 1,900-meter swim both pushed me, for the first time, beyond the distance of the respective segments (26 miles and 1,500 meters) of my Olympic-distance race in September. When I stop to think about it, I’ve come a long way in the first three months of my training.

One goal I had for March was to increase my running miles, and I succeeded there despite the illness. I got in a few longer runs of close to 7 miles and a speed session at the local track. I would like to have done more, but I’m pleased to have hit almost 50 miles in March, after a miserable 11 miles in February and 30 miles in January. The January mileage included a 14-miler, but the March miles were more evenly distributed among runs mostly in the 3- to 5-mile range.

My first test of the season comes this weekend with the Monument Avenue 10k. I’m excited to get the racing season officially under way, but I’m also looking forward to having this running race behind me so I can focus solely on the next big event – my very first triathlon, a sprint-distance event that’s set for late May.

My goals for April include successfully completing the #30daysofbiking challenge, biking at least 100 miles, and coming up with a thorough training plan to guide me through the rest of the year.

Here are this distances I covered in March:

Swim: 21,300 m (13.2 miles)

Bike: 71.1 miles

Run: 47.9 miles

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One Response to [061] March

  1. steena says:

    From following along, and what I recall, I think that book Total Immersion really helped you up your game in the swim.
    I think March was a good month to spend most of the time in the pool, the weather probably isn’t the best for biking anyway. Your 30day bike challenge is a great idea.
    It’s a fun challenge to balance all these workouts, isn’t it?

    (and thank you for your input on my dilemma!).

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