[053] Swim/run bricks

Swim: 4,000 m/42,000 m

Bike: 0/131.1 miles

Run: 7.3/72.4 miles

I’m still almost giddy with excitement over how well my swimming has been going this last week. I haven’t read another word of Total Immersion since learning the first three or four drills and trying them out with so much success last Monday. (I’ve also been, ahem, immersed in another book these past several days). I’ll get back to it eventually – who knows how things will improve when I get to the more complicated drills and exercises!

I’ve done the same workout two days in a row – weights, swim, run. Both yesterday and today I got in 2,000-meter swims in about 45 minutes. I started with a few drills and some freestyle warmup followed by 8 sets of speedwork. Then I got in my obligatory 300-meter non-stop swim (my goal is to do this distance non-stop at some point during every workout, since it’s the distance of the swim in my triathlon in May). I timed myself on the distance and swam it in 5:29 yesterday – exactly the same time it took last Tuesday, when I last timed the workout – and 5:39 today, when I was taking things a little bit easier.

After yesterday’s swim I came home to knock out about 3.5 running miles in the neighborhood. I made it a tempo session with four speedier intervals thrown in, for an overall 7:06 pace.

Today’s swim was followed by 4 miles on the treadmill. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a big fan of the treadmill, but today it just seemed much easier to knock out a run while I was at the gym and had just finished swimming than to come home and get re-motivated to run outside. I covered the 4 miles at an average 6:58 pace with these splits: 7:30, 7:03. 6:18, 7:03.

I enjoyed getting in a couple strong runs in addition to the swims because they leave me tired and hungry – a feeling I relish because it lets me know I’ve gotten in a quality workout. Swimming 2,000 meters leaves me plenty hungry, but it’s not the kind of workout that leaves me panting at the end (maybe it should??). In swimming (at my basic level, anyway), the point is to achieve great form so that the swim is easy and almost effortless, but in running success only comes through pushing yourself to the outer limits.

It’s also rewarding for me to start getting in some true brick workouts. These kinds of sessions – stacking workouts in multiple disciplines into a single session – will become key as my season progresses.

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2 Responses to [053] Swim/run bricks

  1. steena says:

    Nice! I agree you with on the difference between swimming and running, it’s a whole other world, but almost really similiar at the same time.
    I like your idea of trying to get the swim distance of the tri down comfortably without stopping, that’s something I should really copy and try to do once a week.
    Does your gym have a track you can run on instead of the treadmill?

    • traintotri says:

      Yeah – I want to have as few surprises as possible on race day. No track at my gym, unfortunately. It sounds nicer than a treadmill, although I wonder about the effect on my sanity to have to run 16 laps for every mile!

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