[051] Fast kick

Swim: 0 m/38,000 m

Bike: 0/102.2 miles

Run: 6.9/64 miles

I tried something a little new with Friday’s run. I wanted to get in a little distance, and I didn’t want to stress about the pace. So I set off on a 7-mile run around the neighborhood, making a very conscious effort to slow myself down when my pace started to increase. Shortly into the run I had an idea – why not run the bulk of the run at my current, conversational pace, and then turn it up for the last mile or so? I thought I remembered reading something about this type of workout, which teaches your body to react even after a longer period of continuous activity.

If I had thought of this approach in advance, I would have measured a full mile from the end of the run, to make sure I was getting in a good speed workout at the end. It happens that the speed portion was only six-tenths of a mile. I covered the first 6.22 miles at a 7:58 pace, and then dropped to a 6:18 pace for the final segment.

When it was all over, I felt like I could have comfortably gone faster for longer at the end, or picked up the pace for the bulk of the run by perhaps 10-20 seconds/mile. I still question if I’m getting as much benefit from adopting a somewhat slower pace on runs when I know I could cover the distance more quickly. On the flip side, I’m not loafing by any means, and a 53-minute run is going to have benefits no matter what, just because of the time of exertion.

I like the general idea of this workout, with the kick at the end, because it follows the nature of endurance sports – asking your body to perform for longer periods, and to become accustomed to drawing on different energy sources during a longer workout. Kinda like in a triathlon, for instance.

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One Response to [051] Fast kick

  1. steena says:

    I like it. I used to do that, not purposely planned like you did, but I would usually push it at the end of a run knowing that it was soon to be done with.
    Hey, wouldn’t it be fun to try this in the pool?

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