[044] A good start

Swim: 0 m/32,700 m

Bike: 0/83 miles

Run: 6.9/48.7 miles

As I mentioned in my February wrap-up, I want to put more emphasis on my running workouts in March. The main reason is that I’m running in a 10k on April 2, and I would like to perform well in that race. With my triathlon training kicking off on Jan. 1 of this year, I am more devoted to training this early in the year than I have ever been. Most years I don’t get into a training routine until February, March or even April, when the weather turns nicer or I realize a spring race is approaching quickly.

But this year has been a different story. And because of my increased fitness at this point of the year, I’m confident that I can approach or even surpass my 10k PR.

Let me say here that setting a PR would be nice, but I’m not letting it consume me. I just want to take advantage of my fitness and do well. This isn’t a goal race for the year by any means, but it will be a good check-in to see how I stand at the beginning of April. Also, it’s hard to put too much stock into setting a PR at a certain race because so much is variable – weather, crowds, illness, injury or any other of the million things that can turn life upside-down. You just never know what race day is going to bring, and you can’t pin your happiness on something that is subject to so many external factors.

As for training, I started March off on the right foot on Tuesday with a 7-mile run at a 7:26 pace. It felt amazing – one of those runs when everything just seems to come together and flow. I was speeding up toward the end of the run, and felt like I was on a treadmill – my legs were strong and it was as if there was no resistance, no road beneath them. I was running with a high turnover, contained breathing and moderate effort. The weather was almost perfect at 50 degrees and sunny.

My problem with a good run is that I put so much pressure on myself to repeat it next time. I was actually a little nervous before this outing, since I knew I wanted to go a little farther and still be in the pace neighborhood of my previous run. This is certainly a weakness of mine – I want every run to be strong and I have trouble going out for an “easy” effort. I would hate to put in a run that’s 30 seconds/mile slower for fear that I would be backsliding and losing the benefits of my faster runs. Rationally, I know that there’s an important place for slower runs, but it’s hard for me to put that into practice. I feel like my runs are so infrequent that I want every session to be a hard workout.

In any case, I’m proud of this run and I look forward to more good runs this month. I’m glad I started March with a longer run to give me a baseline awareness of where I am and what needs to be done next.

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One Response to [044] A good start

  1. David H. says:

    As long as the congestion of that 10k doesn’t slow you down, you’ll do awesome. The great thing is your speedy times from years past have you seeded in a speedy group anyway. With your increased fitness and surrounding yourself with fast runners that day, I think you’ll do great.

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