[043] February

After a strong beginning to my triathlon training in January, February got off to a tenuous start with more than two weeks of relative inactivity due to a string of illnesses in our house. So, while the cumulative numbers at the bottom of this post might seem a bit puny, it essentially covers only about 2 weeks of regular workouts.

That’s not to say I’m disappointed in February’s efforts. I feel like I’ve grown more consistent and capable in the pool, and with the acquisition of the Total Immersion book I hope to continue that improvement in the coming weeks. My swimming distance for the month was actually about four miles farther than January – a result of consistently longer workouts and the fact that I could still get in some swim workouts in the couple weeks when sickness precluded other forms of exercise.

I did a lot more road biking in February, due in large part to the nicer weather, and didn’t attend a single spin class at the gym. I’m so excited to start logging miles on my new tri bike, although at this point it’s looking like it might be a couple weeks before I can fit a long ride into my schedule.

Running is where I came up short in February. I had a few runs in my healthy weeks, but they were mostly shorter distances – nothing longer than 4.9 miles and nothing near the 14-mile trail run from January. I plan to focus more on running in March, particularly because there’s a 10k that I’d like to run well at the beginning of April. Although 2011 is my Year of the Triathlon, I feel like it’s going to be a byproduct of my overall fitness to produce a strong run at this 10k and (hopefully) at least flirt with my 10k PR. I think it will be a good snapshot of where I stand.

To that end, I plan to incorporate some speedwork sessions at a local track and hopefully at least one long run of up to 8 miles midway through the month. I am definitely excited about the promise that March brings with it – nicer weather and more tools (new bike, improved swimming skills) at my disposal.

Here are this distances I covered in February:

Swim: 19,500 m (12.1 miles)

Bike: 58.9 miles

Run: 11.2 miles

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One Response to [043] February

  1. David H. says:

    With sicknesses going around, and the fact it’s a shorter month by 2-3 days, February can leaving that feeling of a lot to be desired. It’s a nice reminder to focus on how you feel rather than looking at the numbers.

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