[041] First ride

Swim: 1,500 m/31,200 m

Bike: 5.3/83 miles

Run: 0/41.8 miles

Today I completed two workouts under the new paradigm – my first real ride on my new tri bike and my first swim after starting to read Total Immersion.

The ride: Today there was no wind, and I had a great 5.3-mile ride on the new bike, a sort of “welcome to the neighborhood” introduction to its new stomping grounds. I didn’t even attempt to use the aerobars today after having learned much more about their intended use. However, I compared the new bike’s standard handlebars (bull horns) with the drop handles on my road bike and discovered that they are roughly in the same position in relation to the seat. So even though I might not be in aero position while riding the new bike, I’m still in an aggressive stance.

The ride felt great – I attacked the climbs and glided on the downhill sections. The gears are so crisp and smooth that it’s like driving an automatic car. There’s no lurch between gears, but rather an immediate and barely noticeable click as the chain glides to the new ring. With the combination of the new gear set, the different seat position and the toe cages I purchased with the bike, I feel like every stroke is giving me power, as opposed to my experience on the road bike.

All of this paid off with an overall 17 mph pace – one mph faster than my fastest timed ride on my road bike. Doesn’t sound like much, maybe, but that’s worth almost 7 minutes on a hypothetical 26-mile ride (the distance of my Olympic race in September).

The swim: I only got through the first three chapters in Total Immersion, but I already had several tweaks to my swimming form to try out. Sure enough, the swim felt very smooth, even though it took me a bit longer to complete the 1,500 meters today. I was taking things slow and just trying to think about what I wanted to do.

I haven’t gotten to the chapter on breathing (I sure hope there’s a chapter on that subject!), so I still found myself resting after every 50 or 100 meters. But overall things felt very good. I hope to get in some more reading this weekend, if I can fit it in around my daughter’s birthday celebrations.

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2 Responses to [041] First ride

  1. I don’t think there is a chapter on breathing in that book.. What I do is come up every third stroke, so that you’re using both sides, that way one side isn’t more stiff after the swim. It works pretty well, and you get into a rhythm.

  2. shoo says:

    Don’t be surprised when you get in the aero bars that your legs feel funny. Works the legs in a totally different way.

    On the swim, as long as your form is smooth, you should be able to tell when you need to breath.

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