[039] Totally immersed

Swim: 1,500 m/29,700 m

Bike: 0/76.1 miles

Run: 0/41.8 miles

Boy, do I have some reading to do! Today in the mail I received my very own copies of Total Immersion and The Triathlete’s Training Bible – two very thick books that are packed with info about how to make me a better athlete. There is so much reading ahead of me that, having known well in advance that 2011 was going to be my Year of the Triathlon, I should have started reading last October.

I’ve heard from several people that Total Immersion is a must-read for anyone learning how to swim for sport. Since I seem to keep putting off hiring a swim coach, this is something I can start now and, hopefully, see some improvement from. The subtitle for the book is “The revolutionary way to swim better, faster and easier.” I’ll take one of each, please.

After the amazing swim from my last post, tonight’s swim was more of a ho-hum effort. On some laps my form seems to click and on others I just can’t seem to get it together. With the help of this book I hope to become more consistent.

The second book, The Triathlete’s Training Bible, is just what the title indicates. These days, so many triathletes turn to coaches to help them maximize their training. That’s for good reason – coaches know what they’re doing and, as I have been finding out, training in three disciplines can be overwhelming at times. How do I know what workouts to squeeze into a handful of sessions every week?

This book is full of plans for the self-trained triathlete, from explaining the science behind the training approach to assessing your own fitness to planning out your race calendar. Some of it is pretty heavy stuff, intended for people who are aiming for half- and full-Ironman races or for the podium at smaller races. But there will be plenty of useful information for newbies like myself.

Now the only question is how I’m going to find time to read these books. After all, I have triathlon training to get done!

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One Response to [039] Totally immersed

  1. steena says:

    I recommend Total Immersion to EVERYONE.. I shaved 20 minutes off my mile swim time with it. The one gripe about the book is after about chapter 4 he just repeats himself on why his program is so great & doesn’t go into much more detail. I don’t know if I already recommended this to you or not, but Terry Laughlin (the author) also has some Total Immersion seminars on YouTube. I watched those one night & it helped a lot with the visual part.

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