[038] Swim success

Swim: 1,500 m/28,200 m

Bike: 0/76.1 miles

Run: 0/41.8 miles

Yesterday morning I enjoyed one of the best swims of my short career. I just felt good overall, and felt like my stroke and breathing were finally working together.

As I’ve been doing the last several workouts, I started with 500 m easy warm-up, then did 6 sets of 75 m easy and 50 m fast, and finished up with 250 m easy. The easy sets are feeling easier and the fast sets feel amazing. When I’m going fast I feel like everything’s clicking – the only issue is wearing out after a few laps (hence the 75 m easy in between).

Also today, the pool was all mine, so I decided to practice swimming in the pattern that replicates the sprint race that’s coming in May. My pool has three lanes, so I swam up and back in each lane for 6 total lengths, without stopping. This may not sound like much, but before today I had only swam 4 continuous lengths (100 m) without stopping. It was a slow pace, but it felt great. I want to work up to 12 lengths, which is the distance of the sprint race, just to know that I can do it and experience what it will feel like.

After a couple weeks of feeling like I reached a plateau with my swimming, it’s nice to be moving forward again. The key is to keep pushing myself to expand my skills, rather than mindlessly knocking out the same workout every time.

(Today’s swim followed a very good hour-long weight session, focusing on chest/arms.)

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One Response to [038] Swim success

  1. steena says:

    How cool the pool was ALL YOURS!! *jealous*. I usually have to share a lane because my pool gets crowded.
    I’m also needing to stop & take a breather after 4 laps. It’s starting to freak me out a bit that I haven’t gone more than 5 laps w/o a breathing break!
    I like your blog because we’re at the same progress level (i think).

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