[037] Bad move

Swim: 1,500 m/26,700 m

Bike: 0/76.1 miles

Run: 4.9/41.8 miles

I made a terrible mistake yesterday, one from which I will not soon recover. It didn’t happen during my morning swim workout or during my afternoon run, but in between.

I went to the bike store.

Ostensibly there to check out pedal enhancements for my current road bike (toe cages and shoe/pedal combos), within minutes I found myself in the tri-bike section of the store, in deep discussion with the salesman about the merits of a bike I have been fancying for a couple weeks, which happens to be last year’s model at a heavy discount. The bike looks like it’s going 30 mph just sitting still. I straddled it and lowered myself into the aerobars, and in my mind’s eye I could see the scenery flowing by as I pedaled with effortless grace. I lifted it, to see how much a bike made partly of carbon weighs in comparison to the apparently 1,000-pound, solid-steel steed that is my current road bike.

This was a bad idea. It’s not realistic for me to consider spending this kind of money on a new bike. I had to clear my mind, so later that afternoon I pumped out a 5-mile run at a hard but comfortable 7:32 pace. I could still feel the new bike under me, like a phantom limb. It was just so … light! It must weigh a third of what my current bike weighs, and my memory is drawn to recent rides, and that feeling of just. not. going. The times I’m coasting downhill but I don’t seem to be rolling any faster, or the times when it’s all I can do to crank my quarter-ton machine up a moderate incline.


But back to reality, other than the poorly advised trip to the bike store, yesterday was a good day for fitness. I spent an hour in the weight room, followed by a 1,500-meter swim. The pool room seemed oddly humid, and the water was very warm. I still had a good swim and even impressed a fellow swimmer. And then there was the afternoon run, which felt really good despite the 18-mile ride the day before.

For now, I’ll toil on under the perspective that pedaling my current bike is building my strength and endurance, so if I do get a tri bike one day, it will be that much easier to ride. Right?

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2 Responses to [037] Bad move

  1. Tom says:

    If you can afford them get a good set of clipless pedals and bike shoes or quick entry tri shoes. Lot’s of models out there so find one you are comfortable with and yes, you will fall down learning to using them, everybody does. New good quality bikes do not come with pedals so you can transfer them to a new bike when you eventually get one. If possible check out Craig’s List or other sources for used bikes but make sure you know what size you need and get it fitted correctly. For training check out the course for the trialthelon. Is it flat or hilly? Train accordingly. Power on hills does not translate into speed on flats. Keep your cadence up, even on hills depending upon your gearing. Lot’s of good free info on training on numerous websites. Be careful using ipod on city streets. They are illegal in most states if you have ear buds in both ears and block out sound of approaching vehicles.

  2. steena says:

    Yep, I did the same thing. Those salesmen are GOOD. If a month goes by & you still can’t stop thinking about it, try CraigsList.. I always see some bargains listed.

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