[032] Three-sport weekend

Swim: 1,500 m/20,700 m

Bike: 13.5/37.66 miles

Run: 4.9/35.5 miles

I’m finally on the road to recovery from my brief illness of the past couple weeks, and this weekend I eased back into my fitness routine with a three-day triathlon. Three days, three events – you can look at it as a regular triathlon, but with 24-hour transitions that include going to work, eating meals and sleeping.

Anyway, here’s how it went down:

Swim: I was still feeling a little weak on Friday, so I just went to the gym for a 1,500-meter swim workout and about a half-hour of weights. The swim went well, although lingering congestion hampered my breathing a little. I was still working on back-to-back freestyle laps, with the occasional breast stroke lap thrown in for recovery.

Bike: On Saturday, the weather started warming up and I found myself with a few hours of free time, so I took the mountain bike to my favorite local park for about 13.5 miles of trail riding. While my main goal was to ride the endurance-building fire roads at a decent speed, I also made sure to include some twisty single track to get a taste of adrenaline. Still feeling my recovery, I took it easy overall, with rest stops at the tops of the bigger climbs and some map-reading breaks as well.

Run: On Sunday, the weather was amazing and I wanted to get in some running miles in the afternoon. I started with the plan to get in a short run – 3 miles or less – just to stretch the legs a bit, but as I started to run I felt so good that I kept going and ended up with 5 miles. I consciously made myself rein in the pace and found that I was very comfortable and enjoying a high-quality run without thinking that I needed to sprint the entire distance. It was one of those runs when everything feels very fluid and graceful. The result: 4.9 miles at a 7:40 pace.

It’s great to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel in regard to several weeks of putting fitness on the back burner. And the gorgeous temperatures are supposed to linger this week. I’m looking forward to falling back into my normal routine, at least until the next disruption.

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2 Responses to [032] Three-sport weekend

  1. David H. says:

    Nice job this weekend! I’m so tired of illnesses going around — it’ll make you feel like you’re starting completely over when they hit.

  2. Dad says:

    I know you’ve seen this before, but please watch again…and again…and again

    Ride and spin tomorrow!

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