[029] Swim times

Swim: 1,500 m/17,200 m

Bike: 0/24.16 miles

Run: 0/30.6 miles

I had another good swim today, and followed up on some issues from my last session this weekend. I was thinking about what I wrote in my last post, about the act of turning around at the end of each lap causing me to break my flow and stop to catch my breath. So today I just made myself keep going. Even if I felt out of breath, I didn’t allow myself to take a break – I just touched the wall, turned and pushed off. And it seemed to work. I always seemed to regain my breathing pattern as I started the next lap. I still stopped occasionally, but overall it was a quicker and more fulfilling session filled with mostly freestyle.

I also timed myself today, mainly to get a baseline from which to measure my future improvement. Going at probably about 90 percent effort, I swam one 25-meter lap in 16 seconds using freestyle. (That was my fastest – I swam several other lap trials in 17 or 18 seconds).

I also swam the last 6 laps – 150 meters – of today’s workout in about 2:58. There was a slight pause after three laps, but that time is included in the total. That works out to essentially 30 seconds per lap – a nice, easy pace that even now I should be able to maintain for at least the sprint distance (300 meters) that I’ll be facing in May, for a total time of about 6 minutes.

I have no idea how these times stack up in the scheme of things, but I would hazard to guess that they’re on the slower end of things, since I’ve been swimming for about six weeks, and using freestyle for only about three. When I get a few free minutes I’ll check out last year’s results of the races I’ve signed up for to see how participants fared, and to see how I compare.

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