[026] January

The first full month of my triathlon training has ended, and on a great note. As I noted yesterday, I enjoyed an invigorating swim on Monday that resuscitated my hopes for success in that area. From my first hesitant attempts at breast stroke, in four short weeks I’ve completed several 1,500-meter workouts using that stroke, and, from scratch, taught myself the fundamentals of freestyle well enough to cover dozens of laps in relative ease and comfort.

Obviously there’s still a long way to go in that regard. When swimming freestyle I usually stop to catch my breath at the end of each lap, and that, obviously, will not be tenable on race day. There’s much to learn about my breathing and form, and I hope that consulting a swim coach in the coming weeks will shed some much-needed light in these areas.

While not spending a large amount of time in the saddle, I feel like the addition of a spin class at the gym has boosted my ability and comfort on the bike. I’ve also spent some time on my mountain bike, but have been forced to postpone a much-anticipated long trail ride that, hopefully, I’ll complete in February.

And, so far, running has just been fun. Every run has been challenging, and I’ve held little back in these efforts. From a 6:55 pace on a 2.4-mile neighborhood run to an invigorating 14-mile trail run in the snow, January saw some of the best training runs I’ve had in a long time. As I expected, the wide variety of triathlon training is reawakening my first love of fitness – running. I am running less overall, so I treasure those few workouts and squeeze the most out of them that I can.

Here are this distances I covered in January:

Swim: 13,200 m (8.2 miles)

Bike: 69.16 miles (24.16 road/45 gym*)

Run: 30.6 miles

*(For purposes of this tally, I am assuming an average 15 mph pace on the stationary bike. That was my average pace for my single timed road session this month, and previous timed sessions before the start of my triathlon training this year. This calculation, though hardly scientific, is just to give me a general idea of the approximate distance I have covered.)

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2 Responses to [026] January

  1. David H. says:

    Very nice first month of training! Glad you’ve kept up with the blog – I hope that it’s helping. It’s great to have it documented and be able to look back at how far you’ve come.

  2. I think the breathing during swimming is the biggest challenge in it.. that’s where I’m having a hard time too.. I bring my head up out of water so much that my neck starts to hurt after a while. I hope you share what you learn from your swim coach!
    Great January of training by the way!

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