[025] Back at it

Swim: 800 m/13,200 m

Bike: 0/24.16 miles

Run: 0/30.6 miles

Brushing off last week’s disappointment in the pool, I returned today and enjoyed a very positive session. After a four-lap breast stroke warm-up, I tackled 28 laps of freestyle. Things felt much more natural today – my stroke felt smoother and I was breathing much more economically than during last session. The basics seemed to be working well enough for me to focus on slightly higher-level form tweaks, and I could tell a difference between the earlier laps and those toward the end of the session.

My wife told me last week that my frustrating swim session seemed to be a result of simply being tired. I thought about it, and I agree with her. The symptoms were there – sloppy stroke, inefficient breathing patterns – not to mention I was completing the swim at 10:45 in the evening after a long few days of work.

My usual Thursday-night swim session is something I look forward to all week, but I need to keep in mind how other parts of my life are playing a role in that particular workout (my only late-night workout of the week). If I realize I’m having a bad swim, perhaps I need to see it for what it is, call it quits for the night and not prolong a discouraging session. Today’s swim, however, proved to me that I am not regressing, as I might have feared last week.

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