[024] Weekend

Swim: 0 m/12,400 m

Bike: 9.81/24.16 miles

Run: 2.4/30.6 miles

Although I’ve been doing plenty of cycling activities in recent weeks, particularly in the spin class at my gym, today I rode my actual road bike for only the second time this year. The 10-mile ride was completed in my hilly neighborhood in about 40 minutes, for an average overall speed of about 15 mph.

It felt good to get out on the bike I will eventually be using for races, even though it took a little getting used to. My mountain bike is actually a slightly nicer bike, and the gear shifts are a little more clean, but that may be a function of needing to get the road bike tuned properly.

I’m also riding on naked pedals, and can see the definite need for toe cages or (someday) a matched shoe/pedal set. After riding the spin bike, which the instructor helps set up to your personal specifications, I can tell that I’m losing a lot of power on the road bike by not being attached to the pedals and with my seat most likely not in the optimal position.

Where running and swimming rely mainly on what you do can with your body, biking relies heavily on the quality of the equipment and whether it’s properly adjusted to fit the rider. Even if I don’t have the nicest bike in the transition area, I need to make sure it’s dialed in as best as it can be.

Also this weekend: I took advantage of the pleasant weather to get in a quick tempo session in the neighborhood – 2.42 miles at a 6:55 pace. It feels good to get in some faster runs before the heat and humidity of the summer set in.

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