[023] Hitting the ‘mill

Swim: 0 m/12,400 m

Bike: 0/14.35 miles

Run: 3.1/28.2 miles

After the less-than-satisfying swim workout from my last post, I stayed away from the pool today and focused on other aspects of my training. It ended up being a great session that left me with a very positive feeling.

I started my workout with about 40 minutes in the weight room, focusing on chest, biceps and core. Next I hopped on the spin bike for a short but vigorous interval session of my own manufacture. Using tidbits from the spin sessions I’ve attended, I put together a 20-minute program that included several intervals of hard pedaling, standing and jumping between the two. Even after 20 minutes I was covered in sweat and my quads were burning.

Afterward I hurried across the gym to the treadmills, where I knocked out 3.1 miles. I was already warmed up from the bike work, so I jumped right in, covering the first mile in 7:30, the second in 6:40 and the third in 7:30. Those times were somewhat arbitrary – I wanted to start at a manageable pace, kick it up for a mile and then coast through the third mile. So I set the treadmill on nice, even numbers – 8 mph for miles 1 and 3, and 9 mph for mile 2.

I’ll say here that I am not a treadmill runner. I will run outside in just about any weather before hopping on a treadmill. I trained for my very first road race – a 10k almost six years ago – exclusively on a treadmill that I owned, and only on race day did I realize what a huge difference there is between road running and TM running. I was terribly sore after the race. and my race time was nowhere near what I anticipated. Treadmills generally don’t come close to simulating actual road conditions.

That being said, the convenience in this case is that I can hop off the bike at the gym and jump straight onto the treadmill, and get all my workouts in at the same time and in the same place. I don’t plan to use the TM extensively, but there is an undeniable benefit to being able to quickly jump between exercises in one location. And, even if I’m not getting the same benefit as I would if running those paces on the road, it can’t be denied that TM exercises can help with overall cardio fitness and pace awareness.

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