[020] Tough Tuesdays

Swim: 700 m/11,400 m

Bike: 0/14.35 miles

Run: 0/25.1 miles

Tuesday is quickly gaining a reputation as one of my hardest workout days of the week. While I may try something longer and more intense on a weekend, a new schedule twist on Tuesday mornings has given me an hour at the gym even before my hour-long spin class starts. Today I got in 700 meters in the pool (600 m of freestyle after a 100 m warm-up with breast stroke) and about 20 minutes in the weight room before strapping onto the spin bike for a ridiculous 60-minute interval workout. I could hardly make it up the stairs when I got home.

The swimming was great – I’m focusing now on keeping my body utterly horizontal to help control the impulse to pick my head up when I breathe, rather than tilting it more naturally to the side during the roll of my stroke as I should be doing. I still need a few seconds at the end of each lap to catch my breath, although I’m getting closer to consecutive, non-stop freestyle laps. 

The spin workout was pretty intense – I forced myself to keep up the pace and resistance even during the rest periods that punctuated the difficult intervals. My goal today was to maintain an elevated heart rate, which turned out to be more difficult than it sounds. It was tough but I was very satisfied when it was over.

Two hours in the gym, and I had run the gamut from strength training to upper-body-based cardio (swimming) to lower-body-based cardio (spinning). It was a true full-body workout, including two of the core disciplines I’ll use on race day. I’m worn out from Tough Tuesday and ready for Weakling Wednesday, when my daily exercise will be limited to a few hundred push-ups and sit-ups at home.

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One Response to [020] Tough Tuesdays

  1. Dad says:

    “… impulse to pick my head up when I breathe, rather than tilting it more naturally to the side…”Do I sense a growing need to correct a bad habit? I HIGHLY recommend option A.

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