[014] Running home

Swim: 0 m/5,800 m

Bike: 0/6.35 miles

Run: 6.4/25.1 miles

I tried something a little different with my run this weekend. Instead of waiting for a quiet time at home (my daughter’s nap time) to go out for a run in the neighborhood, I planned my run to coincide with a family activity. We took some friends to a local park, and after we had hiked about 2.2 miles and it was time to leave, I said farewell, strapped on my CamelBak, and ran back home.

Although the run wasn’t terribly long, there’s still something a little jarring about being dropped off almost 7 miles from home with nothing but the water on your back and the shoes on your feet. There isn’t the safety net of starting from home and running through the familiar streets of the neighborhood.

It’s runs like this that bring the excitement back to running for me. There’s a taste of adventure. I’ve probably run a thousand miles or more on the streets of our neighborhood, but have barely explored the immediate surroundings (and for good reason – the roads outside our suburban neighborhood are wide, busy, and not built with pedestrians in mind).

And, to add to the adventure, the run included one of the most brutal hills I have ever experienced as a runner. (According to one mapping site, a portion of the almost-half-mile stretch features a 13 percent grade). I ran through it, and still finished with a 7:52 average pace.

I hope to incorporate more of these types of runs (and bike rides) into my training. Instead of jaunts in the neighborhood, I can try to incorporate more point-to-point runs. As my training progresses I’d like to explore the possibility of running or biking to the park, logging some trail miles there, and then running or biking back home. Something like that would necessarily put my mileage in the high teens or twenties, so it’s something to shoot for in a few months.

For now, I want to keep pushing for new ways to achieve fitness outside of a standard workout.

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One Response to [014] Running home

  1. Dad says:

    I felt the same when I ran to Buddy South’s to pick up my car instead of getting a ride. It was actually exciting, a new adventure.

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