Swim: 750 m/2,775 m

Bike: 0/6.35 miles

Run: 0/18.7 miles

Just a quick note on today’s swim: It was the longest I’ve completed to date (almost a half-mile, as a friend pointed out), and by far the easiest. I only stopped because I ran out of time. I have really found a groove with the breast stroke, and feel almost as if I could continue indefinitely. (Of course, I think back to all the long runs during which, at mile 5, I’ve thought, “I could keep this pace all day!” only to be wishing for finality at mile 12.)

So far, the swimming is becoming more mechanical as I get into the rhythm of the stroke and breathing. Hopefully the racing stroke I learn will become second nature in the same way.

And speaking of learning a racing stroke, I called off today’s meeting with a swim coach after a little re-evaluation this weekend. The swim coach I was going to meet with is affiliated with my gym, and although I have nothing against him, I wondered if he would be the right fit for someone who is focused solely on triathlon training. So, through the growing network of triathlon acquaintances I am developing, I found the name of a swim coach in the area who has deep experience with triathletes, and whose own daughter is a winning racer. In other words, she knows the sport. I plan to be in touch with her this week to find out about setting up lessons.

Also, today’s workout included about an hour in the weight room, focusing on chest/biceps.

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