[006] Running

Swim: 0 m/1,525 m

Bike: 0/6.35 miles

Run: 2.4/4.8 miles

Today was my second run of the year, another short, fast loop around the neighborhood. It felt good to get in a pure run (the last one was preceded by a bike ride) to remind me of the discipline that I grew up on. I still love running, and I think that training for a triathlon will bolster that relationship – each run will be more significant because, by necessity, I will be running less than before. I now have to divide my training time among three disciplines, plus weight- and cross-training.

I can foresee my runs falling into two categories: long runs and speed/hill work. No more mid-pace jaunts around the neighborhood – now I’ll throw in strides and hills to make sure I’m getting the most out of each workout. Today’s run included two short sprints, and it felt like a more productive run than many of the 5-milers I’ve done, where I’ve just been knocking out the mileage.

Besides, it just happens that the first race on my calendar this year is a 10k, so even while I wrestle with getting my swimming in order in the next couple months, I’ll still want to focus on quality runs. And, since I’m in the training mode early in the year (unlike many years, when I would be in the middle of the winter training doldrums), I feel a duty to at least flirt with my 10k PR, if not replace it. And that, in itself, is a big challenge – my 10k PR is almost two minutes faster than my second-place finish.

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One Response to [006] Running

  1. Dad says:

    Having a goal makes a world of difference…the difference between mediocrity and great achievement.

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