[005] Goggles

Swim: 500 m/1,525 m

Bike: 0/6.35 miles

Run: 0/2.4 miles

I swam again today – my third day in a row – and am already feeling more positive about things. Not necessarily about where things are, but about how quickly they are improving.

After reading up on swimming technique and talking to other swimmers, I have more skills to hone during each session in the pool. I made a couple more unbroken laps of freestyle today, and much more solid laps of breast stroke. Breathing is turning out to be key (surprise!). The body has a natural inclination to panic when breathing is hindered, so focusing on solid breathing is helping conquer that reaction.

Also, goggles. I wasn’t sure that goggles would make a big difference, but today’s swim was the best yet, and my first with goggles. With a better view of what’s happening above and below the water, the body’s natural panic response seems subdued. It’s not that I was flailing like a frightened child before, but now, with the goggles and a gradually improving breathing technique, I feel calmer in the water and ready to think more about the task at hand.

I am realizing that when I focus on my breathing my form suffers, and vice versa. This will be a particular area of focus in the coming weeks. From what I’ve read, it’s imperative to master breathing techniques before you can perfect your stroke.

Today’s swim followed an hour in the weight room, focusing on back, shoulders and triceps. I was a little worried about targeting those muscle groups directly before swimming, which utilizes the same areas, but felt no adverse effects during the swim.

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2 Responses to [005] Goggles

  1. Dad says:

    Joe the Marine Recon swims with camos and boots. Maybe he would take a few minutes to come to the pool and give you a tip or two if you ask.

  2. This post made me giggle, I also recently discovered the magic of goggles. Silly little things really help!

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