[001] Introduction

I’ve always admired triathletes, from a distance.

It takes a certain type of person to be a triathlete – someone with enough free time to train in three separate disciplines, with the physical dexterity and stamina to be adept at these disciplines, and with a soupcon of insanity to help cloud their understanding of the task at hand (hence the distance I keep).

I’ve been an occasionally devoted runner for about six years, and I know what it means to immerse myself in training. I’ve run two marathons, five half-marathons and enough 8- and 10k races to keep me in the good graces of running-shoe companies. Knowing the effort that goes into preparing for a major race, it’s hard for me to imagine that type of training multiplied by three.

But, for me, running has grown stale. I need a new challenge, a tweak on my fitness routine. I’ve tried trail running (love it) and even an off-road duathlon, but for the past few years the specter of triathlon has increasingly haunted me.

And now, it finally seems like the right time for a new endeavor.

I know it will be difficult. Running is relatively easy – lace up some shoes and head out the door – but training for a tri takes a much more coordinated effort. It takes more gear, more focus, a more specific training plan.

And, it takes swimming. I’m no swimmer, and I know that this is going to be the most difficult aspect of preparing for a triathlon. I can move myself through the water, and no one has ever thrown a life preserver at me as I made my ungraceful way across a pool, but my form and performance could be considered a bare minimum. There’s only room for improvement.

There will be much for me to learn and experience along the way, and this site is where I’ll chronicle my progress (I’m a meticulous record-keeper when it comes to my workouts). At the beginning of each post I’ll note the day’s training distance in each of the three disciplines, as well as each category’s total distance-to-date.

Join me as I train to tri.

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2 Responses to [001] Introduction

  1. Dad says:

    …and you have even dabbled in mountain biking. I am so looking forward to following your great adventure as you achieve your lofty goals. Also, I encourage you to submit your blog to a running magazine, even if only local, such as Sportsbackers. Your writing is definitely “published columnist” quality. That would be a great adventure in and of itself.

  2. David H. says:

    Glad to see you entering the blogging world. I can’t wait to see how your training progresses. If you want a good site help you log your works, I highly recommend Daily Mile to log things and connect with like-minded others (although doing it yourself is just as easy).

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